Historias que podrian haber sido mias

NHoy recibi un mensaje de Malte , sobre las aventuras de mis 2 amigos que se fueron al norte de laos a bajar el rio mekong en una Balsa.

Espero que puedan leer ingles.

Hey Carlos!

You are a very wise man!
Hannes and i are more like stupid boys.
Imagine what happened.
We went north, found a lovely river and build a raft made of Bamboo.
The raft was perfect, no waves were to high, we could go anywhere.
We had 4 amazing days, some of the best on the entire trip when we went down the Nam Ou river, that meets the Mekong close to Luang Prabang.
Everthing was perfect, just imagine to stand on the raft in the night, slowly floating downstream and seeing this amazing steep mountains pass by, hearing birds in the jungle and the waters murmor and nothing else.
We had a good time until the day before yesterday when the water got wilder.
Due to the lack of rain the waterlevel sunk and more obstacles reached the surface and so did 2 big rocks………….

We hit the first one of them with the rafts edge, that made us turn arround quickly and we had no chance to escape the crash with the next rock.
Tonnes of water smashed the raft against the rock but we remained unhurt.
Fortunately we crawled on the rock where someone rescued us after a long time.
Hannes lost everything except his bike and in a actionhero -style he saved my bike as well, so all we have left are 2 bags with spareparts and medicine – great!
Passports, cameras, diaries………….everything lost.

So you missed a great nature experience, but, you missed a little catastrophy as well.

That’s the diffference between a wise man and 2 stupid boys.

I wish you all the best!

Greetings from Hannes!


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